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Should You Park Here?

Ongoing Campaigns Highlight the Challenges of Finding & Using Accessible Parking

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Mobility News

Policy Update: Your Customized Wheelchair Needs Protection

And Your Wheelchair Cushion Does, Too

Stephanie Woodward

Wheelchair Policy

Not Seeing Eye to Eye with Medicaid & Medicare Services

DOJ to Amtrak: Your Train Stations Violate ADA

Uber Allegations: Does the Trendy Transport Company Discriminate Against Riders with Disabilities?

Current lawsuits say some drivers have denied rides and been abusive to potential customers.

DAV Leader: VA Healthcare System Needs Strengthening

Joseph Violante tells Senate of four-point plan to reform and preserve system to care for tomorrow's veterans.

Free Stuff We Like: Senior Health Newsletters

E-letters from National Institute of Health offer tips and checklists that can be printed out and taken along.

Future Housing & Transportation Uncertain for Older Americans

New Harvard/AARP report singles out younger Baby Boomers for special concern.

AbleRoad App Seeks Roving Reporters

Reviews of public venues -- accessible or not -- are available for travelers before they hit the road.

Interactive U.S. Map Shows Medicare Complaints

See how many Medicare beneficiaries are having problems getting equipment repairs...or getting their equipment at all.

SOS: Service Our Scooters (& Power Wheelchairs)!

If your vehicle needs service, here's how to get help

Resources for consumers who need repair and service work done on scooters and power wheelchairs -- including equipment from The Scooter Store.

Mark E. Smith

Another Opinion

The Real Investment of Complex Rehab Technology

Show Your Support for Complex Rehab Technology on April 29

Calling your U.S. Senators and Representative is easy -- and will defend your right to mobility equipment.

Wounded Warrior's #IMEANIT Campaign Seeks Support for Severely Injured Service Members

The organization's goal: Support service members for a lifetime in their homes and communities.