Kids & Teens

Kids are unique – and they deserve unique technology designed especially for them. Created by engineers with plenty of kid intervention, these products were shaped by the lifestyles of today's kids and teens.

Stealth Products



  • An advanced alternative drive control head array uses Stealth’s tried-and-true head positioning technology.
  • A range of modifications can be made to customize the i-Drive, such as adding switches or embedding speakers into the headrest.
  • Optional advanced programming software offers further individualization.
  • (800) 965-9229

Adaptive Engineering Lab

Pediatric Seating

Pediatric Seating

  • Can be made to order to fit any frame width, depth or back height needed for pediatric clients, with sizes typically ranging from 10" to 24".
  • Choose from signature upholsteries, including breathable IsoLogic Air Mesh with Outlast Temperature-Regulating Coating.
  • AEL also offers headrest, lateral, adductor and abductor pads.
  • (866) 656-1486

Ki Mobility

Little Wave Clik

Little Wave Clik

  • The Clik gets its name from strategically designed Index System tubing that is “dimpled” to optimize adjustments and eliminate guesswork. Ki Mobility says proper positioning techniques and wheel access are one “click” away from just right.
  • A dynamic fifth wheel can be adjusted for range and spring rate to match riders of various ability levels.
  • Width and depth grow from 8" to 16", so your littlest clients can use Clik in a mid-wheel setup, while more expert users can learn balance and wheeling skills.

  • (800) 981-1540

Pacific Rehab

Buddy Roamer

Buddy Roamer

This hands-free, rear-suspension, dynamic weight-relieving walker encourages the interactive movements required in a typical gait pattern. The graded suspension system allows for increased/decreased lift by easy adjustment. Available in three sizes, from 12" to 35" inseams, and with optional forearm and shoulder supports and an abduction pommel.

  • (888) 222-9040

Snug Seat

X:Panda Dynamic Seating

X:Panda Dynamic Seating

A multi-adjustable seat in four sizes, the X:Panda includes a dynamic back so the child can extend and push back against relatively light resistance and then return to the desired position. For feeding and transportation times, the back is lockable — or it can be angled to provide an open or closed hip angle. X:Panda has up to 4" of seat width/depth adjustment for growth. Complies with ISO 16840-4.

  • (800) 336-7684

Columbia Medical



The Sprout pediatric wheelchair folds for easy transport and storage, and the frame grows in width through four sizes to keep up with kids (seat depth grows from 9" to 18"). Widths and depths can be configured independently. In four sizes (12", 14", 16", 18") in user weight capacities of 100 to 165 lbs.

  • (800) 454-6612

Freedom Designs, Inc.

Generation NXT

NXT Mini

Freedom Designs’ tilt-in-space wheelchairs offer portability and durability with positioning support. The Future Fit program provides parts to grow the folding or rigid NXT once during the frame’s lifetime. Freedom also offers the Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame and the Multi-Axis Positioning System footrest. The “Mini” size grows in half-inch width/depth increments.

  • (800) 331-8551



Trekker Chair

Lightweight and easy to use, the Trekker has 180° reversible seating so the child can face forward or toward the caregiver. Adjustable recline opens the seat-to-back angle from 80° to 170° in 10° increments; -5° to 45° tilt is available as an option. In sizes 12 and 14 for kids up to 110 lbs. A transit option is available for transporting the chair on buses and other motor vehicles.

  • (888) 266-8243

Smirthwaite USA

Combi Toileting Chair

Combi Toileting Chair

Smirthwaite is focused on seating & positioning throughout a child’s day, whether the child is playing, learning, socializing, performing activities of daily living, or standing upright. The Combi Toileting Chair includes a potty, a commode seat, a seat pad and a pelvic strap, all standard.

  • (212) 541-2455


K300 PS Junior

K300 PS Junior

The K300 front-wheel drive power base, with a 165-lb. user weight capacity, has growth built right in. Seat widths are available 11-16", and seat depths from 10" to 18". Armrests are adjustable, and the K300 offers seat elevation and optional power or manual tilt (45°) functions, plus programmable R-net controls. To ensure kids can keep up with pals, the base comes with a 5-mph top speed, with an upgrade to 6.5 mph available. An array of eye-catching color choices make sure that heads turn when the K300’s owner arrives on the scene.

  • (800) 736-0925

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