Auto Accessibility

Accessibility solutions include wheelchair-accessible vehicles, driving controls operated by hand, accessible seating and more technology aimed at helping mobility users on the road.




  • First fully tested, fully integrated, heavy-duty winch and restraint system featuring dual automatic retractors that act as front tie-downs.
  • Release the belts and attach INQLINE securement J-hooks to the wheelchair frame. Then use the thumb controller to seamlessly steer the chair into the vehicle.
  • With the passenger safely inside, attach rear tie-downs and apply a “final squeeze” via the wall control panel.

  • (800) 987-9987

AMF-Bruns of America



  • Made of non-slip, perforated aluminum that’s ultra strong and lightweight.
  • Center folding and fitted with quick-locking systems that are easy to operate, with two handles and a pneumatic absorber.
  • Choose from a straight fold-up or a swivel-mounted model: Both meet ADA regulations for paratransit use.
  • 20G collision tested.

  • (877) 506-3770


Turny Evo Seat

Turny Evo Seat

  • Creates a safer way to get in and out of vehicles.
  • Designed for people with limited mobility, including wheelchair users who can transfer into a vehicle seat.
  • Fully powered to rotate, extend, and move up, down or backward, and it can be installed in the driver, passenger or mid-row seat positions, depending on the vehicle.
  • Fits more than 150 vehicles, such as full-size vans, pickup trucks, minivans and SUVs.

  • (800) 946-7513

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