Home Accessibility

Home is where your heart is – so these product solutions offer ways to make your favorite environment more convenient, comfortable and safe every day.


wheelchair tire covers

Sportaid Wheelchair Tire Covers

  • Protect your floors from whatever contaminants and debris the tires may rub off.
  • Avoid the spread of black tire marks once the tire covers are applied.
  • Using these tire covers make gloves obsolete during indoor use too. Using soft nylon material allows time for your hands to heal when not pushing outdoors.


  • (800) 743-7203

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Aquatec Ergo

Aquatec Ergo

  • Designed with comfort, independence and dignity in mind.
  • The seat plate, based on the physical imprint left behind when seated, encourages a more upright and stable seating position, while a 5° seat pre-tilt lifts the knees into a natural squat position.
  • New slide-tilt motion, without use of cylinders, shifts weight to center.
  • Stainless steel frames and quality workmanship mean low maintenance for the caregiver.
  • Ergo modular design allow the chairs to be adjusted as needs change.
  • Off-the-shelf accessories are easy to fit.


  • (888) 347-4537

Aqua Creek Products

UL-Certified Pool Lifts

UL-Certified Pool Lifts

  • Several pool lifts that have been tested and UL-certified to comply with the new UL Pool Lift Standard 60335-2-1000.
  • The Admiral Lift (pictured), the Scout 2 lift, the Revolution Lift, the Elite Lift and the Ultra lift all have UL certification, and additional Aqua Creek models are currently undergoing testing.


  • (888) 687-3552

Prairie View Industries



  • The new Wheel-A-Bout portable ramp is the answer when large, heavy, hard-to-maneuver ramps are the challenge.
  • Wheel-A-Bout stores upright in a garage, then effortlessly rolls out when needed.
  • Set it up by folding down the bottom section, attaching the support straps with quick-release pins, and positioning it up on the step.
  • 30" platform offers excellent stability.
  • Comes in 10' and 12' lengths.


  • (800) 554-7267

Diestco Manufacturing Corp.

EZ Edge Ramps

EZ Edge Ramps

  • Durable, slip-resistant ramps are designed to be easy to install, modify and use.
  • Sloped sides allow a wheelchair, scooter or rollator to enter doorways from any angle.
  • Solid rubber ramps can be easily trimmed to fit different heights and to fit around doorjambs.
  • Available at multiple heights and meet the recommended 1:12 slope ratio.


  • (800) 795-2392

Mobility Lifter



  • An attendant-operated stair climber, works on angled, straight and curved stairs.
  • The PT-U model attaches to a manual wheelchair and can accommodate nearly all standard, transport, sport or pediatric chairs.
  • The PT-S model (pictured) has a built-in seat and doesn’t require a wheelchair for operation; the passenger can be wheeled inside/outside while onboard.
  • Can be used on all sorts of stairs and disassembles to fit into a car.


  • (615) 530-1374

American Access

Entrada Ramp

Entrada Ramp

  • The Entrada commercial ramp has been designed to provide access to offices, schools, municipalities and modular buildings.
  • Ramp is ADA, IBC, BOCA and OSHA compliant and is designed to meet most federal and state code requirements.
  • A wide range of ramp lengths and platform sizes enables customers to choose the components required to build ramp systems that meet their specific needs and configurations.


  • (888) 790-9269

Mac's Lift Gate Inc.

Vertical Home Lift

Vertical Home Lift

  • Mac’s PL-50, PL-72 and PL-90 vertical home lifts are designed and engineered for everyday use, with a 750-lb. weight capacity and virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • Operate in all weather conditions from -30° to +120°F and lifts are weather proofed and sealed.
  • The lifts operate on a 110 VAC and draw 7 amps when in use.
  • Includes an emergency manual crank and five-year warranty.


  • (800) 795-6227

National Ramp Corp.

Liberty Series

Liberty Series

  • Comprises maintenance-free aluminum ramps with non-slip, solid deck surfaces.
  • The ramps are ADA compliant and can be quickly installed.
  • A continuous handrail from the ground to a home’s front door provides greater safety and peace of mind for people with mobility limitations or those who use wheelchairs or scooters for personal transportation.


  • (877) 884-7267

Mobility Lifter



  • This attendant-operated stair climber works on angled, straight and curved stairs of many types (wood, metal, concrete or carpeted).
  • Attaches to a manual wheelchair and is compatible with most standard, transport, sport or pediatric models.
  • Disassemble into three parts that can be easily stored in a car; the heaviest piece is 41 lbs.
  • These stair climbers are battery operated, feature three climbing speeds, and have brake wheels that automatically lock upon reaching the step edge.
  • (615) 530-1374

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