Manual Lift transfer

How to Use a Manual Lift to Get a Person In and Out of Be

Getting out of bed is important for physical and mental health. This video goes over the process of using a manual lift to get a person in and out of bed with one person helping and with two people helping. This video does not replace the need for hands-on training by a medical professional.

Duration: 8 min

day in the life of interabled lovers

A Day in the Life of Interabled Lovers

Shane is diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. His girlfriend, Hannah, lives with him and is also his caregiver. This is a day in their life.

Duration: 30 min

wheelchair caster flutter

Adjusting a Wheelchair with Caster Flutter

Have a wheelchair with caster flutter? That's the wobbling and shimmying of the small front wheel on manual wheelchairs. It's easy to adjust to eliminate this problem.

Duration: 4 min

Braze bilnd spot sensor

Braze Blind Spot Sensors to Navigate Tight Spaces in a Wheelchair

This videos demonstrates how Braze Blind Spot Sensors help navigate through tight spaces in the home.

Duration: 14 sec

overcoming spinal cord injury

Overcoming a Spinal Cord Injury: Claire's Story

A spinal injury at 17 didn't stop Claire Freeman achieving her dreams of completing a design degree, Masters and now PhD in the powerchair. Despite ticking things off her bucket-list, she was severely depressed. In a bizarre twist of fate, it was a mishap in a routine operation, which forced her to pause and address her issues… nearly two-decades after her car accident.

Duration: 29 min

wheelchair rear wheel bearing maintenance

How to Remove and Replace a Wheelchair Rear Wheel Bearing

In this video, we will remove and replace a wheelchair rear wheel bearing using tools designed for wheelchair users. The tools are designed to reduce damage to wheelchair parts when normal shop tools are used.

Duration: 5 min

off road wheelchair testing

Taking Off Road Wheelchairs to the Limit

Richard goes to North East Off Road Adventures and participate in their Adaptive Adventures Program with the Action Trackchair and GRIT Freedom Chair.

Duration: 10 min

portable wheelchair aisle chair

Portable Aisle Chair

Traveling with her own aisle chair allows her to board the plane last (if she chooses) and use the washroom independently during the flight. This comes in very handy when the stewardess does not allow you to use the washroom because of turbulence when in the air.

Duration: 10 min

confidence in a wheelchair

How to Gain Confidence in a Wheelchair

You want to know How to be confident in a wheelchair? Conor McAuley shares some tips and tricks on how to be confident in your chair.

Duration: 8 min

morning routine

C5 C6 Quadriplegic 2 Hour Morning Routine

Cole & Charisma share their morning routine.

Also check out Cole & Charisma's new morning routine in their new home.

Duration: 17 min

LUCI wheelchair sensor

Sol Tries LUCI For the First Time

LUCI is an accessory for power wheelchairs, designed to give riders a safer and more inclusive experience. It is an attachable hardware/software product – the first of its kind – which uses cloud and sensor-fusion technologies to provide security, stability, and connectivity for power wheelchairs.

Duration: 5 min


Assistive Technology Video Series: Switches

Jackie gives an introduction to switches that may assist in someone accessing the environment if physical limitations occur.

Duration: 3 min

wheelchair caster cleaning

Quick Caster CleanCasing Tip

A short maintenance video for a quick and easy way to keep your casters rolling smoothly.

Duration: 8 min

beauty blogger with OI

The Beauty Blogger With Bones Like Glass

A young woman with bones so fragile that they break when she sneezes has found her confidence through vlogging. Hannah Tyre, 24 from Georgia, was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The condition, often referred to as ‘brittle bones disease’ is a genetic disorder that affects the strength of bones. Hannah began vlogging three years ago after feeling inspired by beauty videos on YouTube.

Duration: 7 min

wheelchair accessible 2 story home tour

2 Story Wheelchair Accessible House Tour

Gem Hubbard of Wheelsnoheels provides a tour of handy tips and tricks to making your life easier when living in a house in a wheelchair.

Duration: 16 min

Active Wheelchair Users Luzi Castillo

Spina Bifida Won't Hold This 12-Year-Old Back

A young girl is taking Los Angeles by storm in her wheelchair, proving that you don’t need the ability to walk to be a daredevil. Luzi Castillo, 12, is gaining a reputation for her daring spirit and appetite for adventure. Born with Myelomeningocele – a form of Spina Bifida – the bones of Luzi’s spine didn’t form completely, resulting in an incomplete spinal canal. Luzi, who has had a total of 8 surgeries, is affected from the waist down, meaning she has use of her arms but has to use a wheelchair. Despite this, you will often find Luzi on the basketball court, at the skate park or on top of a surfboard.

Duration: 5 min

Phoenix Instinct

Intelligent Center of Gravity

Scottish designer Phoenix Instinct has developed a lightweight wheelchair with a movable axle position that automatically adjusts the chair's center of gravity to stop overbalancing.

Duration: 4 min

cleaning wheelchair during COVID-19

Wheelchair Cleaning During COVID-19

Wheelchair user, designer, and engineer Peter Axelson demonstrates how easy it can be to pick up a virus like COVID-19 from a wheelchair and shows how to properly clean a wheelchair.

Duration: 12 min

samples of custom designed wheelchair covers

Pimped Up Custom Wheelchairs: Meet The Designers

Sisters Izzy and Ailbhe want to encourage a positive attitude towards wheelchairs and have come up with a range of colorful patterned wheel cover designs.

Duration: 4 min

couple dancing to the song Gravity

"Gravity" Wheelchair Dance

Dance by Marisa Hamamoto & Piotr Iwanicki. Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company uses dance as a vehicle to empower people and eliminate the stigma associated with disability. We challenge our artists to erase the line between "disability" and "non-disability" and strive for innovation.

Duration: 3 min

using a cloth to clean wheelchair

Wheelchair Maintenance DIY: Cleaning Your Wheelchair

Keeping your wheelchair clean, dry and odor free is an important task. This will help extend the life of your chair and all of its parts. It will also help you look and feel better engaging in social interactions throughout the day! Watch this video for some quick DIY tips on how to properly clean your wheelchair.

Duration: 4 min

Juvenile Huntington

Living with Juvenile Huntington's Disease

Information about Juvenile Huntington's Disease, statistics, and family interviews.

Duration: 10 min

Shopping in a Wheelchair

Shopping in a Wheelchair

Wheels2Walking shares grocery shopping tips when shopping in a wheelchair.

Duration: 15 min

Beach Wheelchair

What is a Beach Wheelchair?

John Sage explains the benefits of a beach wheelchair.

Duration: 2 min

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Gene Therapy

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a fitting approach for diseases caused by a single gene mutation, like SMA. It targets the cause of disease by delivering a fully functioning copy of the gene into motor neuron cells. Here's how it works.

Duration: 3 min

Dr. Fabian

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: MS Symptoms

Dr. Fabian describes the physical, cognitive, and “invisible” symptoms of MS ranging from difficulty walking to experiencing daily fatigue.

Duration: 2 min

Inclusive Playground

Inclusive Playground

Savannah's Playground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Accessible Adventure found a super cool inclusive (so accessible!) playground!

Duration: 7 min

growing up with SMA

Growing up with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Maija Fredrichberg has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Her muscles are slowly deteriorating and her parents were told she wouldn't live past her fifth birthday.

Duration: 29 min

Morgans Wonderland

The Story of Morgan's Wonderland & Morgan's Inspiration Island

Morgan's Wonderland offers 25 ultra-accessible attractions, sprawled across a 25-acre oasis of inclusion. From a wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel to catch-and-release fishing, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

Duration: 4 min

TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon- Jesse Billauer: "Life Rolls On"

Jesse Billauer "Life Rolls On" at TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon

In his moving talk, Jesse proves that there is often more than one course in shaping your destiny.

Duration: 18 minutes

Adaptive Devices

Adaptive Devices

For Families Facing Spinal Cord Injuries

Duration: 1 minute

Yoga For Your Health: High Level Quadriplegic

Yoga For Your Health: High Level Quadriplegic

Samantha is a high level quadriplegic, despite this, practicing yoga relieves points all over her body of pressure. Different poses helps adjust her spine into alignment.

Duration: 5 minutes

Quadriplegic Driving A Wheelchair Accessible Van With An EMC Joystick

Quadriplegic Driving a Wheelchair Accessible Van with an EMC Joystick

A C4 Incomplete ASIA B Quadriplegic finds a van that works for him.

Duration: 15 minutes

Day in the Life: Home Mobility

Day in the Life: Home Mobility

Practical application of bed mobility, dressing techniques on the bed and in the wheelchair, bathroom accessibility and modification. Demonstration of a build in chair lift, education on skin maintenance and integrity, as well as overall home accessibility.

Duration: 14 minutes

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs

Sheree and Daniel describe how Jade and Barnaby give them more independence and security at home, at work and when they are out and about.

Duration: 6 minutes

Quad Rugby

Everyone Has Their Mountain They Climb

Paralyzed Veterans of America Member and Division 1 Quad Rugby athlete Ryan Lindstrom shares the rehabilitative and restorative power of adaptive sports. "Nobody has a perfect life. Everyone has their mountain they climb and mine is just physical." ~Ryan

Duration: 1 minute

Multiple Sclerosis, the Vikings and Nordic Skiing

Multiple Sclerosis, the Vikings and Nordic Skiing

Follow Multiple Sclerosis patients in the U.S. and Norway on an inspiring journey of heartache, determination and hope as they participate in Nordic skiing to improve their quality of life.

Duration: 1 hour

House Chores From a Wheelchair

House Chores From a Wheelchair

How to perform diverse house chores from a wheelchair.

Duration: 9 minutes